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Hardwood Floor Installation


Carpeting is comfortable, but it can get messy when kids spill drinks or your pets leave behind stains and odors that cling stubbornly to the carpet fibers. Changing up your flooring can be beneficial for economic and aesthetic reasons, so why not consider hardwood floors? The Floorman of Islip, Inc. provides hardwood floor installation in Nassau Suffolk County and the Bay Shore, NY area.

Hardwood floor installation offers the following benefits:

• Easily Installed—Our hardwood floors are installed quickly and efficiently. It takes only a couple of hours to remove your old carpet and lay down shiny, new hardwood. You can choose from the pricier but more durable pre-finished flooring or the more affordable on-site finished flooring.

• Aesthetics—Hardwood floor installation will give you a timeless floor that your guests will all rave about. A hardwood floor is warm and inviting, no matter what color or stain you choose. It provides a feeling of spaciousness that is not offered by carpeting, and it is much easier to clean and maintain, needing only the occasional dusting and mopping.

• Durable—Carpets stain and tear easily, as many people know. Dirt, pet stains, and mud cling easily to carpet, but this is not the case with a hardwood floor. Hardwood is one of the most durable options on the market, able to withstand years of foot traffic and even the biggest messes. If you want a floor that will add value to your home and stand the test of time, a hardwood floor is just right for you.

For the best hardwood floor installation in Nassau Suffolk County and Bay Shore, NY, look no further than The Floorman of Islip, Inc. Get in touch with us today.

Hardwood Floor Repairs


A hardwood floor is an economical and luxurious investment for any home or business. With a smooth surface and pleasant smell, what is there not to love? The only down side can be the cracking, gaps, and lumps that arise as your floor ages. However, with The Floorman of Islip, Inc. on your side, there is nothing to worry about. We provide hardwood floor repairs for customers in Nassau Suffolk County and Bay Shore, NY. Our service is budget friendly and takes care of a multitude of problems, such as:

• Cracks/Splits—As durable as they are, hardwood floors are subject to cracking and splitting as they age. These blemishes can be taken care of with occasional spot repair using nails to bring the two planks back together and wood putty to conceal the job. If the damage is too extensive, though, it is cheaper to replace the plank completely.

• Plank Gaps—In addition to cracking and splitting, hardwood floors can develop gaps as they age. Wood tends to shrink and dry out or expand as time passes because of moisture and humidity. Hardwood floor repairs can fix this problem by tightening the floor.

• Buckling—Buckling occurs when the floorboards warp and lift off of the subfloor.

Hardwood floor repairs might seem a bit costly to some people, but if you compare it to investing in brand new wood flooring, it is a far more reasonable purchase.

If you find yourself in in need of hardwood floor repairs in Nassau Suffolk County and Bay Shore, NY, reach out to The Floorman of Islip, Inc.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing








Investing in a new hardwood floor can be costly and sometimes unnecessary depending on the condition of your current floor. Some people are so easily deterred by the smallest nicks and scratches that they scramble to buy something new instead of investing in a more affordable option like hardwood floor refinishing. For a fraction of the cost, you can make your hardwood floor look like new. If you live in Bay Shore, NY or Nassau Suffolk County, The Floorman of Islip, Inc. is happy to help

One of the most convenient times to undertake hardwood floor refinishing is during renovations or remodeling. Because your home or business is already undergoing construction, you do not have to worry about messes, and you will have access to a flooring contractor who can help you every step of the way.

At The Floorman of Islip, Inc., we offer the following:

• Professional Refinishing—Hardwood floor refinishing is a job that anyone can do, but if you want high quality results that will add monetary value to your home, a professional like The Floorman of Islip, Inc. is the right choice. With more than 30 years of experience in flooring, we have the necessary tools and techniques to give your wood floor the refinishing job it deserves. In addition, our professionals offer speed and efficiency that you will not find with a DIY project.

• Aesthetic Appeal—A newly refinished hardwood floor will yield immediate aesthetic appeal by getting rid of unsightly scratches, dents, and flaking. With various stains and color choices to select from, the possibilities are endless. A hardwood floor is a strong complement to any home and business, and it also adds important value for anyone looking to sell.

At The Floorman of Islip, Inc., we take flooring seriously. With our hardwood floor refinishing, we can make any hardwood floor look beautiful. Let us show you what we can do in Bay Shore, NY and Nassau Suffolk County.